Week 3 at the CCM

It’s been a crazy week! Time has started to feel really fast, so hopefully I can think of everything I want to share with you. We are teaching a new investigator named Miguel. Our first lesson didn’t go very well, we were trying to hard to get what we wanted to teach across rather than listening to the spirit, and Miguel didn’t really connect well with what we were teaching. We prayed a lot that we’d be able to teach what the Spirit wanted us to teach the next time we taught and it was amazing. We decided that we would share the video “Gracias a El” (Because of Him). If you have not seen the video, go look it up on LDS.org. Right now. It’s amazing. It’s even more amazing in Spanish though, not really sure why. Anyway we came in and talked to Miguel for a bit, and talked about Christ and what he’s done for us. We talked about Christ visiting the Americas and the Atonement, and then we showed “Gracias a El”. The spirit immediately flooded the room (it was already there before that, but man – talk about a surge of power). We asked Miguel what he thought of the video, and what Christ had done for him. It was amazing. We were then able to share Alma 7:12 and talk more about the Atonement. So good.

THANKS for the package. I have my banner hanging up by my bed and was able to hang up the pictures around our room. I love all the candy too – don’t worry I still haven’t eaten it all yet. I appreciate everything you send, even the short little letters on dearelder.
I was able to get another blessing this week to help me be comforted and guided as far as my POTS goes. It was a beautiful blessing. One of the zone leaders was able to give it to me and it was SO amazing. I learned so much, and not just about the POTS. I was able to hear things I needed to hear and was given information that was so amazing. I love priesthood blessings. So much. They truly are from heaven.
I hope you are all doing well. I love it here. I love my district like brothers and sisters, and I love my zone. They go above and beyond and I know I’m in this zone to grow even more. The people here are such great examples to me of faith and testimony. Also, don’t worry Mom. I have a nurse in my residence hall. Haha. Although I did have to get my blood drawn alone. Which was terrifying. Anyway, I did go to a doctor here about the POTS this week and he didn’t really understand what it is. He got my blood drawn so they could test my thyroid, glucose, etc (AGAIN) and sent me to a counselor. I went to see the counselor who decided I am doing just fine mentally. Haha. Hopefully I find a solution to it. I know God is watching over me and that I will be able to find what I need, but it will be in His time.
Today we were able to go to the temple and a sweet older woman saw that we were missionaries so she shared a story from her life. It was good to hear her testimony and see her faith. She shared her story with us before we changed (it was after the session), and then again after we changed. Haha it was very cute. We need to be like her, willing to share something that can bless the lives of others.
I know that God is watching out for us and that Christ always understands what we are going through. They love us so much and want us to come home to them.
Love you all,
Hermana Kate Rasmuson
Too much time = the bathroom people got made more modest.

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