ALMOST the OLD ones!!!

Two of the four districts in our zone are “old”. They had already been here for several weeks when we got here. Now they’re leaving us. They leave this Monday, and this Wednesday we will get two new districts of missionaries and we will be the “old” ones. It’s so crazy to think that we will be leaving in TWO weeks!!!! From what I’ve heard we may even get travel papers this Friday. To answer one of your questions I’ve heard absolutely nothing about my visa. I will find out when I get my travel papers. I REALLY really really hope that it’s all good to go though.

It’s been crazy to sit back a bit and realize how much we’ve all changed since we got here. It’s been a real time of reflection as the “old” districts are leaving, and we have all grown so much together. We really feel like a family, and it is so sad to see some of us leave, but so happy all at the same time because we all know we are working for the Lord. We always have a testimony with our zone at 9 pm right before we return to our residence halls. It’s such a neat experience to hear everyone’s testimony and see how our testimonies build up everyone around us.
It’s been a great week for lessons. Hard, but great. We are still teaching Rosie and Miguel, but now we are teaching a new investigator Leonor. She is really our new teacher, Hermana Boyce, acting like an investigator, but it’s still good to learn from our experiences with them. It’s amazing to feel God’s love for them and to share that message of love with them. This week Rosie, our TRC investigator, shared that her husband doesn’t like her coming to the lessons. She is sharing what she is learning with him, and we tried to share other ways that she could soften his heart. She wants him to be able to feel the same feelings she is. Then we invited her to go to church this Sunday with her Mormon friend (we don’t know her name) and to invite her husband to attend with her so that he could feel the Spirit.
I know that the gospel may require changes in how we act, and how we think, but as we strive to come closer to Christ we will feel of His love for us and we will feel a love for Him and that love is what can help us change. We don’t have to change on our own. We never have to do ANYTHING alone. Christ is always walking beside us, we just don’t always take the time to come unto Him and feel of that love he has for us.
Hermana Rasmuson
P.S. When we went to the temple today we talked to a sister who served in Rosario who was SUPER excited to hear that we are going to Argentina. We also met a sister who is from Cordova Argentina. So that was awesome!!!
Learning  by “osmosis”IMG_0379.JPG
Heading up to devotional…IMG_0380.JPG
I found Elder Olsen!

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