FLIGHT PLANS!!!!!!!!!!

WE GOT OUR FLIGHT PLANS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here’s what they look like:
Leaving: SLC 11:00 AM September 22nd
Arriving: Atlanta GA 4:40 PM September 22nd
L: Atlanta GA 9:06 PM September 22nd
A: Buenos Aires Argentina 8:20 AM September 23rd
So much airplane and layover time….. It’ll definitely be an interesting first flight experience.
We got our flight plans Friday and we were all so nervous and excited that it was hard to eat dinner. Then we all got them…. except three elders and Hermana Story, whose visas didn’t come in time. So by some miracle, Hermana Story’s visa could arrive in time to come with us, but most likely she will be reassigned at least for a little while. But everyone else in our two districts leaving will be on the same flights. So that will be awesome! Except for the one elder in our district who is going to Colombia, and so far he’s the only missionary he knows of that will be flying at that time so he’s not sure who his companion will be for the flight time.
In other news we had our last lesson with Rosie this Friday, and it was good, we were able to commit her to baptism, and we gave her a LdM with our testimonies written in the back. It was a bittersweet moment, but I’ve grown to love her so much over our short time together.
Also, we were having an awesome lesson with Leonor about how to feel the spirit, and I was in the middle of pouring my heart out…. and we ran out of time. We had a strict time limit so everyone would get to teach. It was so sad, because in that moment the spirit was so strong and we could have probably committed her to baptism.
Our lessons are getting better as we are learning how to mold lessons to the individuals and we aren’t just delivering them like robots. Haha I think we were very serious at the beginning with our teaching because we were so focused on our espanol and getting things in.
In other news the sink in the classroom above us exploded on wednesday (the day we were getting new missionaries). It was gushing water and it leaked down through the vent into our bathroom. It was a mess. One of the elders burnt his hands trying to keep the water in the pipes as much as he could, because the water coming out was boiling hot. It smelled pretty bad in both apartments after that. We also got new missionaries!!! There are 5 new Hermanas and 12 new elders.
Also, I realized that as of today I have been on my mission for a month now, which is crazy!!!
Well I love you all,
Hermana Rasmuson
The Elders version of “La Ley de Castidad”IMG_0430.JPG


Our picture with our investigator Adrian….. Before we knew he was our teacher Hno Mace


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