ARGENTINA here I come!!!!!

So I’ve gotten the cold that’s been going around the district and my companion’s developed into bronchitis and mine developed into a sinus infection. So I’m on a round of antibiotics to knock that out. Also with doctor’s order to load up on psudofed (however you spell it) while flying.

This week has been long and good. It’s been hard because I’m so ready to leave and get to Argentina but I’ve still learned so much this week. Yesterday we had what’s called in field orientation. They talked to us about working with members and ward councils. They also talked to us about planning and how to use key indicators. It was a long packed day. We were there from 8 am to 5 pm.
To answer your questions:
I do feel old. It’s weird being the group that’s leaving. Our new districts were already so prepared to be here.
We weren’t instructed to anything about money. They use pesos in Argentina.
We have been packing and I think that I’m going to be within weight. Amazingly.
Hermana Story was reassigned to the California San Francisco/Oakland mission. It’s really cool because that’s one of our elder’s missions so she’ll get to go with him.
We unfortunately don’t have culture class, but I wish we did! If our teachers know anything we pretty much drag it out of them, but that’s all the info we have about culture.
I’m not sure what else to write, this week has been really similar to the last weeks.
Hermana Rasmuson
The first picture is us with our teacher Hermano Wallace
The second is just our district. The elders were making angry faces.

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