Another week, Another Pday

Hola from CASTELAR!!!!

This week was a bit slower for everything because we had a hard time finding people at home. Siesta is the worst time of day here because hardly anyone answers the door because they’re all sleeping.

We were able to have interviews this week with President, which was good. We also were able to do some service this Saturday. We went to a school and painted the doors and windows silver. I think my hands will have paint on them for the next month hahaha. But it was fun to work together with everyone in our zone.

I’ve also been able to understand a lot more in Castellano. It’s slowly getting easier to understand what people are saying. I’m also figuring out how to talk more in Castellano.

We are teaching an 18 year old boy English right now. We are trying to build up a good relationship with him so that we can start talking about the gospel, because his mom is a member, but none of the rest of his family is and he is not religious at all. So the first time we met with him we just talked English and helped him with his English. The second time we brought a member and started with a prayer. Then we kept teaching him English and then right as we finished we taught God is our Loving Heavenly Father. We ended with a prayer and then left. His English is really good so we are just trying to have him talk and then if he has issues with grammar or pronunciation we help him. He wants to go travel the world.

We are still teaching Rogelio, but we weren’t able to see him this week because he had to leave for work this weekend and didn’t get back until today.

We also were able to see Familia Segovia this week. They are recent converts. They are such a great family! I really enjoy being able to talk to them because they are so friendly and they have such strong testimonies of the gospel.

Some funny things about Argentina:

They eat Halls cough drops like candy……

Here I am tall believe it or not. Most of the women are around 5 feet and the men are around the same height as me. 5 feet 5 inches. Haha it’s so weird to feel tall.

Facturas are about the best thing ever invented. They are pastries and they are SOOOO good.

I’ve aquired a taste for mate cocida. I’m going to come back with a suitcase full of it haha

Argetinians are scared of rain. If it’s even sprinking everyone is inside. Haha it’s so funny because if I walk out of a house without opening up my umbrella they freak out. They’re like “Open your umbrella, quickly quickly” I think they’re made of brown sugar.

When we talked to the boy we are teaching English to he told us one of his favorite things to do is go painting. “like painting houses…?” we asked. “No, graffiti. Going and painting graffiti.”
Also when we were able to meet with Rogelio after Conference we were talking to him about conference he said in English (He knows some English) “I want to be part of the boat. I want to be part of the crew.” (referencing the talk in Conference about staying in the boat)

I love Argentina!!! I feel like I’m at home here, like there was always part of me here and I just didn’t know it. It’s so different but I feel completely comfortable!


Hermana Rasmuson




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