I’ve now been in Argentina for one month. It’s so weird to think that because it seriously feels like I stepped off the plane yesterday.

So Rogelio was able to come to church this week…. unfortunately his kids couldn’t come with him. Next week we are going to get them there. Usually when investigators come they are just dressed in their normal clothes, jeans and a shirt. But Rogelio came walking up in khaki pants, a blue button up shirt and a sweater vest. It was so cool because he obviously already had that respect for the church and the ability to take the sacrament.
I’m so excited to see him baptized. He is awesome and his kids are great as well. They are so receptive, and love their family so much.
Another awesome thing that happened this week was kind of funny.
We sometimes play a game where we give each other a word and then you have to use that word in your next contact.
I gave Hermana Ricks the words “toes” and “blue”
We came up to a house that was in our ancient investigators section in our area book and the house was blue. The welcome mat was shaped like a foot, with toes and everything. Haha God definitely led us to that house. We talked to the woman who lives there, and she couldn’t meet with us that day, but we set a time to come back. The time we set was in the afternoon on mother’s day. We went to the house at the time we set and she opened the door. She looked very upset and said “Not today. Today is bad. I can’t do it today come back later.” She repeated that a couple times as we asked if we could help at all and then as she was about to cry she kind of just shut the door on us. We stood by the door stunned. We tried to think of what we could do, but I felt like there wasn’t much we could do, we’d barely met her. But as we were starting to walk away, she opened the door again and asked us to come back.
She started crying and told us that she was so sad because she was all alone on mother’s day. She is going through a rough time in her relationship with one of her sons and feels like she failed him as a mother. She told us how all she had tried to teach him was that love for others was the most important thing, but that he was prioritizing worldly things such as money over love for others. We just sat and listened to her for a bit, and then we said a prayer and pulled out the BoM. We opened up to Moroni 7:45-47. That scripture is about charity. We read it with her and she began to cry. Then she tried to hand the book back to us but we told her to keep it, that is was a gift. She began to cry harder and hugged it to her, smiling from ear to ear. It was such a cool experience, because I know God sent us to her that day. I hope we can continue to help her.
I hope you are all having a fantastic week. I know that God uses us to bless others. We just need to be open to take the oportunities to help.
I love you all!
Hermana Rasmuson

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