I’ve now been in Argentina for one month. It’s so weird to think that because it seriously feels like I stepped off the plane yesterday.

So Rogelio was able to come to church this week…. unfortunately his kids couldn’t come with him. Next week we are going to get them there. Usually when investigators come they are just dressed in their normal clothes, jeans and a shirt. But Rogelio came walking up in khaki pants, a blue button up shirt and a sweater vest. It was so cool because he obviously already had that respect for the church and the ability to take the sacrament.
I’m so excited to see him baptized. He is awesome and his kids are great as well. They are so receptive, and love their family so much.
Another awesome thing that happened this week was kind of funny.
We sometimes play a game where we give each other a word and then you have to use that word in your next contact.
I gave Hermana Ricks the words “toes” and “blue”
We came up to a house that was in our ancient investigators section in our area book and the house was blue. The welcome mat was shaped like a foot, with toes and everything. Haha God definitely led us to that house. We talked to the woman who lives there, and she couldn’t meet with us that day, but we set a time to come back. The time we set was in the afternoon on mother’s day. We went to the house at the time we set and she opened the door. She looked very upset and said “Not today. Today is bad. I can’t do it today come back later.” She repeated that a couple times as we asked if we could help at all and then as she was about to cry she kind of just shut the door on us. We stood by the door stunned. We tried to think of what we could do, but I felt like there wasn’t much we could do, we’d barely met her. But as we were starting to walk away, she opened the door again and asked us to come back.
She started crying and told us that she was so sad because she was all alone on mother’s day. She is going through a rough time in her relationship with one of her sons and feels like she failed him as a mother. She told us how all she had tried to teach him was that love for others was the most important thing, but that he was prioritizing worldly things such as money over love for others. We just sat and listened to her for a bit, and then we said a prayer and pulled out the BoM. We opened up to Moroni 7:45-47. That scripture is about charity. We read it with her and she began to cry. Then she tried to hand the book back to us but we told her to keep it, that is was a gift. She began to cry harder and hugged it to her, smiling from ear to ear. It was such a cool experience, because I know God sent us to her that day. I hope we can continue to help her.
I hope you are all having a fantastic week. I know that God uses us to bless others. We just need to be open to take the oportunities to help.
I love you all!
Hermana Rasmuson

Another week, Another Pday

Hola from CASTELAR!!!!

This week was a bit slower for everything because we had a hard time finding people at home. Siesta is the worst time of day here because hardly anyone answers the door because they’re all sleeping.

We were able to have interviews this week with President, which was good. We also were able to do some service this Saturday. We went to a school and painted the doors and windows silver. I think my hands will have paint on them for the next month hahaha. But it was fun to work together with everyone in our zone.

I’ve also been able to understand a lot more in Castellano. It’s slowly getting easier to understand what people are saying. I’m also figuring out how to talk more in Castellano.

We are teaching an 18 year old boy English right now. We are trying to build up a good relationship with him so that we can start talking about the gospel, because his mom is a member, but none of the rest of his family is and he is not religious at all. So the first time we met with him we just talked English and helped him with his English. The second time we brought a member and started with a prayer. Then we kept teaching him English and then right as we finished we taught God is our Loving Heavenly Father. We ended with a prayer and then left. His English is really good so we are just trying to have him talk and then if he has issues with grammar or pronunciation we help him. He wants to go travel the world.

We are still teaching Rogelio, but we weren’t able to see him this week because he had to leave for work this weekend and didn’t get back until today.

We also were able to see Familia Segovia this week. They are recent converts. They are such a great family! I really enjoy being able to talk to them because they are so friendly and they have such strong testimonies of the gospel.

Some funny things about Argentina:

They eat Halls cough drops like candy……

Here I am tall believe it or not. Most of the women are around 5 feet and the men are around the same height as me. 5 feet 5 inches. Haha it’s so weird to feel tall.

Facturas are about the best thing ever invented. They are pastries and they are SOOOO good.

I’ve aquired a taste for mate cocida. I’m going to come back with a suitcase full of it haha

Argetinians are scared of rain. If it’s even sprinking everyone is inside. Haha it’s so funny because if I walk out of a house without opening up my umbrella they freak out. They’re like “Open your umbrella, quickly quickly” I think they’re made of brown sugar.

When we talked to the boy we are teaching English to he told us one of his favorite things to do is go painting. “like painting houses…?” we asked. “No, graffiti. Going and painting graffiti.”
Also when we were able to meet with Rogelio after Conference we were talking to him about conference he said in English (He knows some English) “I want to be part of the boat. I want to be part of the crew.” (referencing the talk in Conference about staying in the boat)

I love Argentina!!! I feel like I’m at home here, like there was always part of me here and I just didn’t know it. It’s so different but I feel completely comfortable!


Hermana Rasmuson




This letter will have to be short because I don´t have the full hour today. Sorry!

This week was really great. It’s been a lot of work but it’s good work.
 I have been completely exhausted every night as I lay down to go to sleep and honestly that´s the best feeling in the world. I love it here in Argentina! The members in our ward are so great, and we have been able to teach some people who are amazing! One is named Rogelio. He is 34 and has two kids. He smoked and drank. We had the Word of Wisdom lesson this week and the minute we said that we didn´t smoke he jumped up, took his pack of cigarettes and crushed them! Since then he has only smoked one cigarette and he used to smoke a whole pack every day. He has completely stopped drinking and he has a vision for his baptism. He was able to come see the baptism of our other investigator Pablo and he is so excited to be baptized. He brought his kids to watch conference with us Sunday.
I am loving it here and understanding and speaking more and more Castellano every day. I had an experience the other day I´d like to share. It was 8 pm and I was 100% exhausted. All I wanted was to go home and be done with the day. But we still had an hour to go. We both had the impression that we should go to see Rogelio. We were walking there and I was so tired. I was feeling discouraged and disanimated. I said a prayer in my heart as we were walking:
Father in Heaven, I´ve given my all today and I just can´t give any more. Please help me to have the strength and energy I need to finish out this day strong.
That moment I felt a new energy come into me and I was able to feel excited and animated while we talked to Rogelio. It truly was a tender mercy.
We also have Jorge who helps us A TON. He goes out with us at least once a week every week. We also have gotten to know another less active sister named Hermana Scarpfa. She has such a strong testimony and is willing to do all she can to help us. Tonight we are going to have a noche de hogar with her.
Conference was great! Saturday morning we were able to watch it with Hermana Scarpfa and we turned on english subtitles so I could understand. She fed us a huge lunch and we were able to talk to her more and get to know her more. Saturday evening we watched it with a family who was recently baptized. About halfway through one of our investigators came and after the session we were able to give her the first lesson and talk about the LdM. Again, I got my english subtitles.
Sunday we went to a church in Moron. The first session we were supposed to have an investigator coming, but when we called he was asleep :/ It was all in Spanish and I hardly understood anything. At the beginning of the session I was really frustrated that I was going to watch conference and not be able to understand. I was feeling bad but then the first talk started and despite the fact that I only understood a sentence or two I had such a strong feeling of peace and comfort come over me that I didn´t feel frustrated any more. There is SUCH a strong spirit in the conferences, and I don´t think I ever really realized how strong it is.
The Sunday afternoon session we were able to have Rogelio come. I met his kids for the first time and they are great! So great! Rogelio is awesome and I am SO excited to see him be baptized. He was truly prepared.
I love you all!!!
Hermana Rasmusonç
Our apartment is really basic, and from what I´ve heard one of the nicer ones. Gas stove and oven, bathroom, bedroom. I don´t really know how to describe it. Pretty normal.
We eat lunch with members every day but Pday, but a lot of times instead of eating in their homes they just hand us a bag of food at the door. It´s sad because I would really like to get to know them more.
They have big supermarkets here, little grocery stores, and little fruit/vegetable stores. Everything is inside.

ARGENTINA here I come!!!!!

So I’ve gotten the cold that’s been going around the district and my companion’s developed into bronchitis and mine developed into a sinus infection. So I’m on a round of antibiotics to knock that out. Also with doctor’s order to load up on psudofed (however you spell it) while flying.

This week has been long and good. It’s been hard because I’m so ready to leave and get to Argentina but I’ve still learned so much this week. Yesterday we had what’s called in field orientation. They talked to us about working with members and ward councils. They also talked to us about planning and how to use key indicators. It was a long packed day. We were there from 8 am to 5 pm.
To answer your questions:
I do feel old. It’s weird being the group that’s leaving. Our new districts were already so prepared to be here.
We weren’t instructed to anything about money. They use pesos in Argentina.
We have been packing and I think that I’m going to be within weight. Amazingly.
Hermana Story was reassigned to the California San Francisco/Oakland mission. It’s really cool because that’s one of our elder’s missions so she’ll get to go with him.
We unfortunately don’t have culture class, but I wish we did! If our teachers know anything we pretty much drag it out of them, but that’s all the info we have about culture.
I’m not sure what else to write, this week has been really similar to the last weeks.
Hermana Rasmuson
The first picture is us with our teacher Hermano Wallace
The second is just our district. The elders were making angry faces.

FLIGHT PLANS!!!!!!!!!!

WE GOT OUR FLIGHT PLANS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here’s what they look like:
Leaving: SLC 11:00 AM September 22nd
Arriving: Atlanta GA 4:40 PM September 22nd
L: Atlanta GA 9:06 PM September 22nd
A: Buenos Aires Argentina 8:20 AM September 23rd
So much airplane and layover time….. It’ll definitely be an interesting first flight experience.
We got our flight plans Friday and we were all so nervous and excited that it was hard to eat dinner. Then we all got them…. except three elders and Hermana Story, whose visas didn’t come in time. So by some miracle, Hermana Story’s visa could arrive in time to come with us, but most likely she will be reassigned at least for a little while. But everyone else in our two districts leaving will be on the same flights. So that will be awesome! Except for the one elder in our district who is going to Colombia, and so far he’s the only missionary he knows of that will be flying at that time so he’s not sure who his companion will be for the flight time.
In other news we had our last lesson with Rosie this Friday, and it was good, we were able to commit her to baptism, and we gave her a LdM with our testimonies written in the back. It was a bittersweet moment, but I’ve grown to love her so much over our short time together.
Also, we were having an awesome lesson with Leonor about how to feel the spirit, and I was in the middle of pouring my heart out…. and we ran out of time. We had a strict time limit so everyone would get to teach. It was so sad, because in that moment the spirit was so strong and we could have probably committed her to baptism.
Our lessons are getting better as we are learning how to mold lessons to the individuals and we aren’t just delivering them like robots. Haha I think we were very serious at the beginning with our teaching because we were so focused on our espanol and getting things in.
In other news the sink in the classroom above us exploded on wednesday (the day we were getting new missionaries). It was gushing water and it leaked down through the vent into our bathroom. It was a mess. One of the elders burnt his hands trying to keep the water in the pipes as much as he could, because the water coming out was boiling hot. It smelled pretty bad in both apartments after that. We also got new missionaries!!! There are 5 new Hermanas and 12 new elders.
Also, I realized that as of today I have been on my mission for a month now, which is crazy!!!
Well I love you all,
Hermana Rasmuson
The Elders version of “La Ley de Castidad”IMG_0430.JPG


Our picture with our investigator Adrian….. Before we knew he was our teacher Hno Mace

ALMOST the OLD ones!!!

Two of the four districts in our zone are “old”. They had already been here for several weeks when we got here. Now they’re leaving us. They leave this Monday, and this Wednesday we will get two new districts of missionaries and we will be the “old” ones. It’s so crazy to think that we will be leaving in TWO weeks!!!! From what I’ve heard we may even get travel papers this Friday. To answer one of your questions I’ve heard absolutely nothing about my visa. I will find out when I get my travel papers. I REALLY really really hope that it’s all good to go though.

It’s been crazy to sit back a bit and realize how much we’ve all changed since we got here. It’s been a real time of reflection as the “old” districts are leaving, and we have all grown so much together. We really feel like a family, and it is so sad to see some of us leave, but so happy all at the same time because we all know we are working for the Lord. We always have a testimony with our zone at 9 pm right before we return to our residence halls. It’s such a neat experience to hear everyone’s testimony and see how our testimonies build up everyone around us.
It’s been a great week for lessons. Hard, but great. We are still teaching Rosie and Miguel, but now we are teaching a new investigator Leonor. She is really our new teacher, Hermana Boyce, acting like an investigator, but it’s still good to learn from our experiences with them. It’s amazing to feel God’s love for them and to share that message of love with them. This week Rosie, our TRC investigator, shared that her husband doesn’t like her coming to the lessons. She is sharing what she is learning with him, and we tried to share other ways that she could soften his heart. She wants him to be able to feel the same feelings she is. Then we invited her to go to church this Sunday with her Mormon friend (we don’t know her name) and to invite her husband to attend with her so that he could feel the Spirit.
I know that the gospel may require changes in how we act, and how we think, but as we strive to come closer to Christ we will feel of His love for us and we will feel a love for Him and that love is what can help us change. We don’t have to change on our own. We never have to do ANYTHING alone. Christ is always walking beside us, we just don’t always take the time to come unto Him and feel of that love he has for us.
Hermana Rasmuson
P.S. When we went to the temple today we talked to a sister who served in Rosario who was SUPER excited to hear that we are going to Argentina. We also met a sister who is from Cordova Argentina. So that was awesome!!!
Learning  by “osmosis”IMG_0379.JPG
Heading up to devotional…IMG_0380.JPG
I found Elder Olsen!

Week 3 at the CCM

It’s been a crazy week! Time has started to feel really fast, so hopefully I can think of everything I want to share with you. We are teaching a new investigator named Miguel. Our first lesson didn’t go very well, we were trying to hard to get what we wanted to teach across rather than listening to the spirit, and Miguel didn’t really connect well with what we were teaching. We prayed a lot that we’d be able to teach what the Spirit wanted us to teach the next time we taught and it was amazing. We decided that we would share the video “Gracias a El” (Because of Him). If you have not seen the video, go look it up on LDS.org. Right now. It’s amazing. It’s even more amazing in Spanish though, not really sure why. Anyway we came in and talked to Miguel for a bit, and talked about Christ and what he’s done for us. We talked about Christ visiting the Americas and the Atonement, and then we showed “Gracias a El”. The spirit immediately flooded the room (it was already there before that, but man – talk about a surge of power). We asked Miguel what he thought of the video, and what Christ had done for him. It was amazing. We were then able to share Alma 7:12 and talk more about the Atonement. So good.

THANKS for the package. I have my banner hanging up by my bed and was able to hang up the pictures around our room. I love all the candy too – don’t worry I still haven’t eaten it all yet. I appreciate everything you send, even the short little letters on dearelder.
I was able to get another blessing this week to help me be comforted and guided as far as my POTS goes. It was a beautiful blessing. One of the zone leaders was able to give it to me and it was SO amazing. I learned so much, and not just about the POTS. I was able to hear things I needed to hear and was given information that was so amazing. I love priesthood blessings. So much. They truly are from heaven.
I hope you are all doing well. I love it here. I love my district like brothers and sisters, and I love my zone. They go above and beyond and I know I’m in this zone to grow even more. The people here are such great examples to me of faith and testimony. Also, don’t worry Mom. I have a nurse in my residence hall. Haha. Although I did have to get my blood drawn alone. Which was terrifying. Anyway, I did go to a doctor here about the POTS this week and he didn’t really understand what it is. He got my blood drawn so they could test my thyroid, glucose, etc (AGAIN) and sent me to a counselor. I went to see the counselor who decided I am doing just fine mentally. Haha. Hopefully I find a solution to it. I know God is watching over me and that I will be able to find what I need, but it will be in His time.
Today we were able to go to the temple and a sweet older woman saw that we were missionaries so she shared a story from her life. It was good to hear her testimony and see her faith. She shared her story with us before we changed (it was after the session), and then again after we changed. Haha it was very cute. We need to be like her, willing to share something that can bless the lives of others.
I know that God is watching out for us and that Christ always understands what we are going through. They love us so much and want us to come home to them.
Love you all,
Hermana Kate Rasmuson
Too much time = the bathroom people got made more modest.


So our zone has P-days on Saturday! Which is pretty great, let me tell you. I´ll mostly go through and tell highlights from this week, which has felt like a month! The first night we were here we went in as groups and taught some investigators. There were about 30 elders and hermanas in the room, and as a group we taught three different investigators. We taught Alex, Jose, and George. It was good to learn how to teach. At first those who were commenting were just dumping doctrine on the investigator, which was very confusing for them, needless to say. But by the end we started teaching by the spirit, and it was amazing to see the difference! The spirit in the room was so much stronger by the end, when we were teaching by the spirit, than the beginning when we weren’t. The one investigator whose situation hit me really hard was George. His son had died at age 14 from cancer, and because he was baptist he believed that his son was going to hell. He had had depression for years, and by the end of the time he finally revealed that he thought his son had died as punishment from God for his (George´s) sins. It made me so sad to see how much this tormented him, knowing that the gospel could relieve that guilt and that pain. It was really hard for me when they said “Time’s up”. We have spent a lot of time in classes and doing personal, companion, and language study. It’s hard to spend so much time sitting, but it’s amazing to see how much we are learning. People who didn’t speak any Spanish coming in taught a LESSON last night. Which brings me to the other highlight. We taught last night as companionships! Our second day! In SPANISH! Crazy crazy huh? (Mom you’re probably thinking, no, not really) The person we taught is named Adrian. He was orphaned at 3, doesn’t know his birth parents at all, and was adopted by a family in Arizona at age 4. He was such a great first investigator. He was very friendly and forgave our shortcomings in Spanish. He had already met with the missionaries before, and already had a Book of Mormon. We were able to teach him more about Heavenly Father, prayer, the Spirit, and the Book of Mormon. We challenged him to read and pray about Moroni 10. We also read Moroni 10:3-5 with him. It was really hard for me because I wanted to say so much more than I knew Spanish for, but when I listened to what the Spirit wanted me to say it helped so much more. This morning our zone (el mejor zone) went to the temple for the 7:40 session. The elders and hermanas in our zone are so great and friendly. One of the hermanas even went to high school with me! (Hermana Cassie Jenkins) She is going to Argentina Buenos Aires South.

My companions are great! I’m in a trio with Hermana Story and Hermana Durfee. Hermana Durfee reminds me a lot of Elise Francis. It’s been hard getting used to having someone around all the time, but I’m so glad that I’m where I’m at. Also in our same residence hall we have Hermana Urbanawiz and Hermana Gull. They are also both very sweet. I’m actually on West Campus instead of Main, they send all the Spanish speaking missionaries over here, which is way cool because we are all learning the same language. We all greet each other with “Hola”. This week (I can’t remember which day now, they all blur together) we learned how to testify. So I will bear my (short) testimony in closing.
Yo se que Jesucristo es el Redentor. Yo se que Jesucristo es el Salvador. Yo se que El Libro de Mormon es verdadero. Yo se que familias son eternas. Yo se que Jose Smith es un profeta. Yo se que Presidente Monson es un profeta. Este testimonio me ayudar a vivir feliz. En el nombre de Jesucristo Amen.
Hermana Kate Rasmuson
P.S. Questions would be much appreciated!
My bed – top bunk y’all
my companionsIMG_0317.JPGIMG_0320.JPG
the name tag


There are just 6 short days before I enter the Provo MTC! I’m so excited to finally start my journey in the Argentina Buenos Aires West mission. It’s been such a long, hard 5 months, but I’m finally done waiting! Watch out Argentina, cause here I come!